3-Pc Professional Manicure Set
3-Pc Professional Manicure Set

3-Pc Professional Manicure Set

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Our three-piece men's manicure set is designed to handle the most demanding of men's nail care. Each piece is manufactured from highly durable, tempered stainless steel. Rust resistant, long lasting design. Supplied with travel wallet, this comprehensive manicure set gives your hands a sophisticated and hygienic appearance. We recommend regular nail care as part of your personal grooming. High quality stainless steel composition. Featuring matte satin finish, rust resistant. Portable carrying case for both travel and home storage.

What's Included:

1. Nail Clipper
2. Dead Skin Fork
3. Nail Refining File
Bonus: Travel Wallet

Quality Parts:

Great tools are made from great materials. Everything in the Shears is crafted from tempered, stainless steel. That makes for incredibly strong and durable tools. It also means that your nail-cutting blades will remain sharp for a long time, and you wont have to worry about water or other stains ruining your good nail set. These are battle-hardened resources for taking your nail game to a whole new level.


Within the Shears is a list of utensils that are precisely crafted to give you masterful control over your nail care. The only thing some of you will recognize in this set are luxury nail clippers. The clippers in the kit are as good as it gets. They're made from the same strong, reliable steel as the rest of the kit. They're sharp and perfectly curved to help you get clean cuts every time. More importantly, they're ergonomically engineered to improve your control. If you learn how to properly use these clippers, you'll find that your hands are healthier, tougher and sexier than ever before. And, make no mistake, sexy hands are key to having a strong dating game.

The fact that you don't already have a set of such clippers is a major problem....