To Do Or Not To Do: Shaving During Covid-19

Getting a haircut or shaving the beard is strongly associated with improving the looks. However, based on the recent outbreak of Covid-19, most people no longer worry about grooming because they do not have to go out in public, and if they do, they wear a face mask. Most men now ask questions like, is it worth it to shave if you have to wear a face mask? Or, is it necessary to get a haircut? Here, we'll be answering these questions and discussing how to adapt to the new lifestyle of Covid-19.

Firstly, regular grooming shouldn't be for better physical appearance alone. Grooming, shaving, and haircuts are just as essential and healthy as taking a shower. Covering your face with a mask isn't enough reason to skip shaving; it denies you all the unseen benefits grooming gives you. A perfect example is improved hair growth.

Improved hair growth

Shaving or cutting your hair regularly not only gives you a fresh new look but also helps your hair grow better. You may not realize this but, not shaving causes split ends and breakage in the hair; and this is a big hindrance to hair growth. If you're looking for your hair or beard to grow smoothly and quicker, then make routine grooming a lifestyle.

Keeps your hair under control

Your hair likes to go wild. Routine grooming keeps it under control. Your hair starts to develop split ends when you leave it untrimmed for a long time. This split can continue all the way to your scalp and cause the hair to look frizzy. Regular grooming as a lifestyle is a lifelong guarantee for controlled and thriving hair.

Healthier hair

Another benefit of grooming is healthier hair. Rocking a healthy hair should be a lifestyle. Sadly, keeping your hair ungroomed can keep your hair from staying healthy.

The end of your hair holds older hair strands; these old strands of hair look thinner and break off easily. Keeping your hair or beard shaved helps remove these older hair strands and makes sure the hair stays healthy and thick. Also, routine grooming maintains good hygiene. Grooming helps clean and brush off dead skins that damage the hair, keeping it fresh, hygienic and healthy. Because of the good benefits of hair hygiene, we would even dare to say that shaving the hair, in turn, adds to your overall well-being.

Keeps it styled

Routine grooming will keep the shape or style of your hair intact. Wouldn't you hate to be in a spot where you can't style your beard the way you want because it is ungroomed? Aside from healthy and thicker hair, your hair deserves to be in the right shape and style at all times. Whether you're at home, at work, or in public; your hair deserves to be in the best condition you can keep it.

To sum it up, It doesn't take too much to keep your hair looking fresh and nice. Here at Blk Crwn, we give you the top-notch and quality grooming products you need to keep looking your best all the time. Take up the good lifestyle, and keep your hair and beard at its best.


Victor Andrew

   - Victor A.


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