Beard Or No Beard

Men have always love their beards in times past as it was seen as a sign of maturity. But here recently, growing a beard is trending, but this time it is not just considered as a sign of maturity, it is also considered to signify a man's masculinity, aggressiveness, and confidence. 

For some reason, women tend to love these hairy-faced men not just because it makes them look masculine and aggressive but because most women find these men to be sexy, and there's something about a thick and healthy beard that makes them want to run their hands all through it.

And for some other women, men with clean, shaved cheeks – is just what they love.  

Let's look at a few reasons women give for preferring men with beards:


Reasons why women prefer men with facial hair:


   Facial hair signifies masculinity

Every woman wants to have a man that looks masculine and the facial hair is said to pass a message of masculinity to women, but keep in mind, there are different kinds of facial hair and each has its own effect on women. However, women see men with beards as not only being masculine, but also industrious, generous, confident, and sincere.


  Beard length matters

As you may know, there are different strokes for different folks, so goes for every woman that has her own preference about men's facial hair.  It may interest you to know that some women prefer men with full and lengthy beards, while some women prefer men with light and well-trimmed beards.

So guys you should be able to know which your partner likes. If it’s a well-trimmed beard she prefers, then choose a good machine to get a clean, sharp-looking beard.


   Men with beards are considered to have more parenting skills

I know this isn’t fair, but it is quite interesting to note that women attracted to beards also, innately, considers a long relationship with the man attached, soon leading to wedding bells. Bearded men seems to trigger some primal instinct in women that they are considered potentially great dads and husbands.

Advantage - beard.

   No beard

Men who are committed to a smooth shave with a premium razor shouldn't feel bad because there are still your lion’s share of women out there who don’t really care for facial hair.  They’d rather prefer their man to be well groomed and shaved because to them it signifies a responsible and successful man.  Most women preference in men seems to be connected to their kind of relationship or their own life’s goal.


Facial hair is becoming a normal and a well-established trend that isn't going anywhere because there are those of us who love them.  Nevertheless, a woman's preference changes with her mating goals, at times facial hair is a turn on then at other times it’s a turn-off.  

So basically, as a man who is trying to either start a new relationship or reignite an old flame, it is important to know what your partner likes, whether it’s a full beard, light beard, or smooth cheeks.

Whatever category you find yourself in, note that it is important that your beard stays trimmed and razor sharp or your face smoothly shaved and moisturized, either will be sure to attract the woman just right for you.


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