This All I Did To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps...

The ugly and discomforting rash or pimples that you experience after shaving can be prevented and treated, certain factors like the type of razor, shaving stroke length, shaving stroke direction, water temperature and lubricant quality all play a major role in the Razor bumps on your skin.

Now I will give you a lecture with the code shaving 101 because I doubt you have ever had a course on shaving before, with the tips I will share with you, your chances of getting a razor bump or burn after shaving will be eliminated, interesting, isn't it? Now let's roll.

Razor Bumps

Don’t get it twisted, Razor Bumps and burns are not exactly the same thing, but their prevention techniques are similar. Now razor bumps are small irritating bumps like pimples that develop when strands of hair curl back and grow into the skin, some people call it ingrown hairs, it usually happens after shaving. Razor burns are not bumps but are irritations like redness of abrasions that occurs during shaving because the topmost layer of the skin has been scrapped.

My Advice

  • Wet the surface: has any of you been pricked by his facial hairs before? Someone said yes, the truth is that hairs are thick but when wet, they absorb moisture, the moisturized hair follicles are weak and easier to shave, using warm towels as barbers do is a good practice but NEVER shave dry or apply shaving products on a dry face, it causes Razor bumps and burns.
  • Apply a shave Oil: these oils are good in lubricating the path of the razor, thereby effectively reducing friction on the skin which causes Razor burns, when oil is applied, it locks the moisture contained in the face.
  • Use a Brush & a Quality Shaving Cream: Foaming is not the sign of a quality shaving cream, a good shaving cream should have a high concentration of moisturizers and lubricants that will produce a creamy lather that replicates that of toothpaste, offering a smooth gliding of the Razor on the skin. A Bager brush will help you raise the hairs and evenly apply the cream in a circular motion.
  • Quality Blade: the blade should be sharp, have you tried cutting vegetables with a blunt knife? That’s what you replicate when you use a dull blade on your face. Ensure the blades are sharp and neat, do not use a blade more than 4 times and store them appropriately after use.
  • Wash off and rinse with Cold Water: After shaving, wash off excess shaving materials and rinse with cold water, this will help the skin blood vessels to contract and swelling will be prevented. Do not rub the skin as it is very sensitive at this point, instead use a moist towel to dab off the water remaining on the face:
  • Apply an aftershave balm: do not use balms that contain alcohol in them as they will irritate the skin more, use quality balms made for men because they are fragrance-free and contain formulas that are easily absorbed into the skin to replenish lost moisture, soothe and refresh the skin.

Quick tips on how to shave

  • Be faithful to a particular razor type, and it is recommended that you use a SINGLE blade razor
  • Be gentle on yourself, Press lightly and make the strokes short
  • Shave along the Grain, shaving against may give you a shinier shave but sure irritated skin.
  • If it’s a closed area, avoid tight underwear, and also avoid sweating under your jaw.



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