Parabens: Why We Should Avoid Them


They are featured across industries, from Food and Pharmaceuticals to the very popular cosmetic industry where they provide the noble service of maintenance and longevity. Causing your under-arm deodorant, your hair gel, your moisturizing cream and a whole bunch of others to serve you for years.


It is because of the good work of parabens - which by the way may appear on the credits section of your favorite makeup wear as methyl parabens, butyl parabens or propyl parabens - that your skin care vendor can serve you large volumes of body cream and others, without the fear that they will go bad before you're half way through the jar.


So yeah, they, along with the other nourishing elements on your self-care table are the good guys … or so we thought.


You see, up until 2004, no one really considered having a second, and more clinical look of the roles of Parabens. It all began with the Breast tissue examinations held later that year by some researchers, and their work revealed something very curious.


"Parabens have the capacity to enter your body from the on-the-surface application."


Now, for a chemical compound that is an active player in the Food and Pharmaceutical industry, this shouldn't really be news; But, like you guessed, there's more.


The research found trace volumes of Parabens in 19 out of 20 Breast tissues examined. This implies that they do not only enter the body, but they also find a way to stay.


"One of the reasons parabens are dangerous is that they have the capacity to mimic the hormone estrogen [prevalent in both men and women].  This can disrupt the endocrine system.  This system is incredibly crucial to the health of the body and hormone function.  Hormones control weight, mood and body temperature.  There are several studies that have shown that an elevated exposure to estrogen increases the risk of cancer."


So to recap, here are the facts:

Parabens are used across board in at least three major industries actively.

Parabens are known to act like the hormone estrogen and can possibly impede natural body development and even cause tumors.

Parabens can stay in trace amounts in the body, according to how intensely you use your cosmetic resources.


It's a case of preventing a possible evil from ever happening, and until the health bodies of the world outlaw for them for good, this is a good reason to avoid them - as much as you can.

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